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He French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (MEDDE) has issued a press release announcing the opening of the registration period de los vehículos de usuarios que eligen abonarse a una sociedad autorizada de servicios de electronic toll service, called “subscribed users”.

One of those companies, Ecomouvis ready to begin the records. The conclusion of the first stage has been possible thanks to the collaboration between Ecomouv and the six companies authorized electronic toll service (AXXES, DKV, EUROTOLL, RESSA, TELEPASS and TOTAL).

Users subscribers can register from now one of the companies authorized electronic toll service, allowing concertedbenefit from a reduction of the rate of 10%.

Instead, users who do not want to use the services of an authorized (so-called “paid users") may register directly withEcomouv from August 2013.

Logging operations vehicles subject to the green tax tax will be processed by staff Ecomouv.