France, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark …. They have been the beginning of our activity and development of our experience.

Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania … have become our new horizons and markets, applying knowledge, in the effectiveness of transport adapt to new markets accompanied by a change of policy To Consolidate ourselves in the emerging countries of Eastern Europe.

These countries are the regular destination of our vehicles facilitating the expansion of the business prospects of our clients. As also are any point of Spain.

Our business is to assure you that your merchandise will be delivered to any destination in Europe, on the date indicated for the welfare of your business.

We have the flexibility to consolidate your freight, grouping your different goods by collecting them at different points of loading. O If required, we can also adapt to multiple deliverys.

Solditrans Logística, has become a carrier in the development of traffic of perishable, refrigerated and frozen goods to Eastern Europe, Germany, France, Italy. Do not hesitate, therefore, to contact our Commercial or Traffic Department to get your best quote.

We also have points of transshipment of refrigerated goods in Barcelona, ​​Tudela and Madrid as well as in the south of France in Perpignan and Avignon, according to the needs of our clients.

And logistical support of correspondents with platform of groupage in Madrid and Barcelona for its distribution a national level attending to the requests and requirement of our clients.

Arrive punctually to your customers with all the guarantees, maximum reliability, with the most competitive cost adapting to the most demanding requirements and quality standards in the logistics market.

We have specialized in all kind of refrigerated and frozen products,

Because of our location in the Spanish south east, our duty is to carry and promote fresh products, vegetables, … and fruit throughout Europe.

As well as pastries…

In SOLDITRANS, the whole team is committed to the future, open to new suggestions and new business development proposed by our clients. Our qualified staff, media innovation, advancement with technological innovations, and the recognition of our customers and collaborators, allow us to be one of the companies that grows in our sector year after year. And we will continue to improve to continue offering the best offer and professionalism possible.