The 44 tons in France, up

The 44 tons in France, up

The French Transport Ministry has set specific conditions that allow the movement of goods by road vehicles up to 44tons, beyond containers or swap bodies as part of a combined transport operation. This officially published a timetablethat will adapt gradually.

France has approved the amendment of the Directive on Weights and Dimensions, articulated vehicles to accept roadfreight weighing up to 44 tons.

So far, only supported this expansion weight to transport ISO containers or swap bodies that were part of a combined transport operation. But from now on, the rule was extended to articulated vehicles and road trains have a maximum of40 tons, with 5/6 axes, in combination 2 +3, 3 +2 and 3.

Time constraints are applied based on the age of vehicles. The French Ministry of Transportation has set specific conditions for its release by the country’s roads. The schedule is as follows:

  • As of September 30, 2014: when the vehicle has been registered after the October 1, 2001 (Euro 3)
  • As of September 20, 2017: when the vehicle has been registered after the October 1, 2006 (Euro 4 and Euro 5)
  • Vehicles registered after the October 1, 2009

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