01. Objectives

The main idea is to offer logistics services that integrate a full logistical range, transportation and distribution solutions appropriate to fit the needs of each client.

We have been strengthening our main routes to the north of Europe, increasing traffic flows to our main destinations Germany and the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway and focusing our efforts in Denmark).

We also opened routes to the north of Germany with flows of goods for transfer with Russia, Lithuania and Poland.

02. Flexible Services

NOur policy is to be flexible with the needs of each client.  Performing adequate service, efficient and fast.  We try tomeet the demands and needs of our customerssuch as how to understand the business of logistics.

Our mission is to place the goods at destination in the shortest possible time ensuring proper delivery to optimize the result of our customers.

We endorse our efforts and services, ensuring the best results for it.

03. Continuous Improvement

The continuous improvement of our management system for greater efficiency and better ensures strong and stable pillars that serve as a permanent framework for reviewing our quality objectives.

The transport and logistics has been forced into major changes to meet the demands and requirements of our customers, which has made a greater understanding of the major international transport.

The ongoing transformation in the transport situation and reality raises permanent changes, adapting the philosophy and technical means for better resource optimization.

Continuous improvement is one of the pillars of the philosophy of Solditrans.

04. Professional Team

Solditrans consists of people specialized in the transport world with extensive experience..

Our staff can resolve issues to the main transport and logistics, this can be resolved in different languages: English, French, German, Spanish.

It is important for the philosophy of our company, the recognition of our workers as a cornerstone for development and corporate growth, investing in training, motivation and teamwork.